Shari Jordan: Meet Stepmother of Jeffery Dahmer the Serial Killer

Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the most well-known serial killers in the United States. His terrible killings have been talked about in the news for years. A movie was made about him, which won global awards and recognition. Do you know, though, that Dahmer also had a stepmother? Shari Jordan is her name.

Who is Shari Jordan?

Shari Jordan became the stepmother of one of the world’s most famous serial killers after marrying Lionel Dahmer in 1978.

He had just split up with Jeffrey’s mom, Joyce, because their marriage had failed.

Shari quickly became absorbed into the Dahmer family, spending a large amount of time with Lionel’s two teen son’s Jeffrey and David.

Shari Jordan was an ordinary woman who got married and had to take care of her child until he became known as a serial killer. Since then, she has become interesting to people all over the world who are interested in true crimes. Thanks to her grandson, she was also a key witness to some of the terrible things that happened in her home.

About Lionel Dahmer, Shari Dahmer’s Husband

Shari Jordan became Lionel Dahmer’s second wife when she married him in 1978. Before Shari’s death, they had been married for 40 years. Together, they had a son named David. David’s stepbrother was older because Lionel had been married before.

Lionel Dahmer was first married to Joyce Dahmer. They had a son named Jeffrey. Lionel married Shari Dahmer after his first wife, Joyce, left him when their son Jeffrey was still a child.

Career: Shari Jordan

We don’t know much about Jordan’s work history. But in 2004, in a shocking interview on Larry King Live, Jordan said that she was glad of the Dahmer name, unlike her son David, who she had with Lionel Dahmer.

She said that she had used the name when she worked in business. This means that she used to work, even though her husband did some terrible things that made her look bad.

Shari Jordan Net Worth

There is no information about Jordan’s net worth.

About Jeffrey, what has Shari Dahmer said?

Shari and Lionel went on the Larry King Live show in 2004 to talk about what they thought about Jeffrey Dahmer. They kept in touch with him while he was in jail because they thought he was crazy.

During the show, Shari talked about how she didn’t want other people to turn out like Jeffrey and how important it was to understand why he did what he did.

Shari was proud of the family name, unlike her stepson David, who tried to separate himself from it. In a November 2022 chat with Dr. Phil, Lionel talked about how Jeffrey was at the end of a “continuum of bad behavior.”

Where is Shari Jordan Now?

Shari Jordan Now

Even though Shari and Lionel knew about Jeffrey’s horrible killing spree, they stood by him during the trial and visited the killer in jail often.

But the couple did not defend his horrible acts. Instead, they chose to live in private after Dahmer’s name became known around the world.

Later, Lionel wrote a book called A Father’s Story. It was about The Milwaukee Cannibal’s early life.

The Cinemaholic says that Shari still lives with her husband in Seville, Ohio, even though she is in her 80s.

Her memory lives on through the happy times people had with her and the help given to her family. May she rest in peace, and may those who knew her remember her with love.

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