Who Is Taelyn Dobson? Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Height and More

Taelyn Dobson is well-known for being the stepsister of the late singer Aaron Carter and artist Nick Carter. Nick, her brother, is a well-known singer who is a member of the singing group Backstreet Boys. Although coming from a star family, Taelyn Dobson avoids the spotlight on a regular basis.

Following the death of her older stepbrother, Aaron Carter, individuals have expressed an interest in learning more about Dobson’s life. Taelyn, on the other hand, lives completely apart from the media and does not make herself public on social media. As a result, little is known about Taelyn Dobson’s parents, childhood, and lover.

Despite her brother’s enormous reputation and success in the entertainment world, Taelyn prefers to remain quiet and out of the spotlight, with only a few references on social media.

Thus, today, we have a full article regarding Dobson. Continue reading to learn all of her personal information.

Who is Taelyn Dobson? Some Facts About Her

Full Name: Taelyn Dobson

Place of Birth: United States of America

Mother: Jane Elizabeth Carter

Step-Father: Robert Gene Carter

Siblings: Nick Carter, Bobbie Jean Carter, Aaron Carter, Angel Carter, Virginia Carter, Leslie Carter


Despite her enormous popularity on social media, nothing is known about Taelyn’s career. Her lack of knowledge has sparked wild speculation about the nature of her job; yet, no one knows for certain what she does for a career. What is known is that anything she does is successful enough to keep her enormous following and active lifestyle.

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Taelyn Dobson Schooling

Robert Carter, who died in 2017 at the age of 65, and Taelyn’s mother Jane Elizabeth (née Spaulding) raised Taelyn and her brothers Aaron and Kaden Brent, as well as her sisters Leslie, Angel, and Bobbie Jean. The Yankee Rebel bar in Westfield, New York, was owned by Robert and Jane.

Taelyn Dobson Age

Despite being only 35 years old, she has earned enormous fortune and renown through her various business activities and investments.

Taelyn Dobson Love life

Taelyn’s love life has been the topic of much curiosity, despite her evasiveness on the matter. With no public communication from the artist on any potential relationships, some of her fans have speculated that she is a lesbian.

Nicky’s fans claim to have seen her out with someone who could be her girlfriend, but nothing has been confirmed. However, these rumours continue to circulate on the internet, though whether they are true or not is uncertain.

Taelyn’s Height & Weight

Taelyn continues to grab attention from all directions with her golden blonde hair, brown eyes, and stunning height of 5ft 10ins (1.8m). She is also in good physical shape, weighing 155 pounds (70kgs).

Taelyn Dobson Net Worth

Information about her net worth has not been made public, which is unfortunate. Nick Carter, on the other hand, is thought to have a net worth of over $20 million.

Where Is Taelyn Dobson Now?

Well, we already said that Taelyn lives a private life, so it’s hard to find out where she is. She does, however, have a Facebook page where she says she lives in Dalton, Georgia. Ginger, her mother, also lives in this area. So, it’s possible that Dobson lives with her mother and her brother Kaden Brent.

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