Amber Heard Net Worth After Defamation Lawsuit Impact

Amber Heard is a well-known actor who has been in big movies like “Aquaman” and “The Rum Diary.” In recent years, she has been in the news not only for her work, but also for her personal life. As of 2023, many people want to know, “What is Amber Heard’s net worth now, especially after the highly publicized defamation lawsuit with Johnny Depp?”

What is Amber Heard Net Worth?

Over the years, Amber Heard’s net worth has changed in big ways. Recent information says that her net worth in 2023 will be around $500,000, which is a big difference from the $10 million she was said to be worth between 2013 and 2019. The legal fights and professional setbacks she faced afterward are mainly to blame for the sharp drop.

In December 2022, Parade thought that she was worth about USD 2.5 million. In June 2022, however, a Fox Business report mentioned in a different New Zealand Herald story said that her estimated net worth was USD 8 million.

Amber Heard Personal Life

amber heard net worth

Amber Laura Heard was born on April 22, 1986, in Austin, Texas, to Patricia Paige, an internet researcher, and David Clinton Heard, a construction contractor. 

Amber also has a younger sister named Whitney Heard, who is 34 years old. 

In terms of schooling, Amber Heard dropped out of Catholic high school and relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. She later obtained a diploma. 

Despite being a high school dropout, Heard found success as a model in New York. She was seen in a number of music videos in addition to modeling until 2004, when she appeared in her first Hollywood picture. 

Her debut film, Friday Night Lights, was a big success. Her Hollywood career began with this film. 

She soon met Johnny Depp on a movie set, and the two hit it off, dating, marrying, and famously divorcing. Amber Heard gave birth to her first child, Oonagh Paige Heard, via surrogacy in April 2021.

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Did Her Career Affected by Lawsuit?

amber heard net worth

Amber Heard’s career suffered significant hurdles as a result of the litigation. She was reportedly dismissed from a slew of cinematic projects, including the highly anticipated “Aquaman” sequel. Furthermore, a number of endorsement deals she had held were discontinued, causing her net worth to fall even further.

Amber Heard Future

Amber Heard’s future is still uncertain. Her current net worth is $500,000, yet her talent as an actress is indisputable. The entertainment industry is always changing, and only time will tell how Amber’s career and money will fare in the coming years.

Amber Heard Monthly Expenses

Heard’s monthly costs are said to be about USD 10,000. But, according to Parade, the papers that were made public during the trial in 2022 showed that her monthly spending at that time was about USD 43,000. It’s said that it covers her rent, holidays, gifts, eating out, and other costs of living.

Homes and cars owned by Amber Heard

amber heard net worth

During the defamation trial, Heard was living in Virginia in an expensive, fancy house with a high rent. According to TMZ, the house was worth about $5 million and cost $22,500 per month to rent. Amber Heard’s name was not on the rental records for all but one month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Amber Heard’s net worth as of 2023?

A: In 2023, Amber Heard is likely to have a net worth of $500,000.

Q: How did her net worth change because of the defamation suit?

A: Her net value went down because of the lawsuit. She had to pay for legal fees, Johnny Depp was given money as compensation, and she lost jobs and endorsements.

Q: How much did Amber Heard earn for her role in ‘Aquaman’?

According to Vanity Fair, Amber Heard made $1 million from ‘Aquaman’ in 2018.

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