The Organic Vibes

Our Mission

Theorganicvibes began as a personal care blog site with a simple mission: to give effective and practical knowledge about natural products and brands. Our mission has evolved as we grew.

We try to provide 100% natural tips and how to follow them in your day to day life, to help people live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life.

Our aim is to start a movement that encourages people to switch to organic products and live a healthier lifestyle, just as it was hundreds of years ago when there were no chemical based products or harmful chemicals.

The wholeness and integrity in all living systems is health. We are committed to preserving nature and the goodness it provides, even in a world where people are destroying its goodness. Our philosophy is founded on the principles of health, ecology, fairness and care. We are working towards a sustainable agroecosystem that promotes soil and water conservation, as well as reduced pollution.

Organic eating is healthy and guilt-free. If we take care of the earth, it will take care of us. Theorganicvibes was founded on the belief that nature should not be neglected in our pursuit of advancement. It strives to promote a healthy life-print. Every person can make a difference in their lives by making one small change. You can make a difference in the future.

We are passionate about living a lifestyle that is low-waste, sustainable, and in harmony with nature.


Affiliate Disclosure


We believe in transparency with you guys. This means that we might get paid commissions if you purchase something we recommend. We only recommend products that we believe are 100% natural. Our editorial standards are the only criteria for selecting merchandise to feature on our website.