Men Being Coolest With Men Nail Art

Men with glossy tips are nothing new; David Bowie and Kurt Cobain did it decades ago. However, things have stepped up a notch. Around 2019, men nail art became more of a grooming trend. Celebrities like Harry Styles, Troye Sivan, Tyler, the Creator, and Steve Lacy started lacquering their nails, making it an important part of a new kind of fame.

What started to change this decade was that men no longer only thought of their nails as an accessory, like a watch or a necklace. They also use their nails as a way to reject old ideas about what it means to be a man, support gender neutrality, and rewrite a new set of rules with one goal in mind: freedom of expression and artistic expression.

When Nail Art for Men Started?

Rock stars seem to have known for decades that nail paint doesn’t have a gender. It was worn by David Bowie and Steven Tyler, and it was likely always going to make its way into the styles of other celebrities.

Rappers, pop singers, and even actors are now getting it. You can’t really say that Jason Momoa is less of a man just because he’s been seen wearing nail paint.

There are also signs of nail art for men in ancient Egypt who took care of their hands and feet. Elizabeth Frood, an Egyptology professor at the University of Oxford, told POPSUGAR that some of the elite tombs chapels from the Old Kingdom (around 2575–2150 BCE) show guys getting their nails done. 

How to Start with Painted Nail Styles for Men

Most of the time, the easiest nail designs for guys are also the coolest. This is in line with a lot of fashion advice for guys, which says that simple is classy and simple nail art is easier to see as “manly.” 

Men who don’t want to spend money on a manicure can also paint their nails in a simple way. Easy nail art for men can be basic colors and often has more than one color on each nail.

Black is popular, but it’s not the only fashionable color. Creative color pairings can show that you have a bolder sense of style and an eye for art.

Trending Nail Ideas for Men

Check out men nail art that are easy. 

1. Abstract Men’s Nail Art Design

men nail art


How about a simple and colorful abstract nail art that suits your vibrant personality? For example, check this nail design out.

2. Clearcoat

men nail art


A swipe of clear nail polish is as simple as it gets, but don’t underestimate the power of clear varnish. It can quickly improve the look of your nails by giving them a healthy shine.

3. Solid tone

pink men nail art

Image Source:

Pick any colour you want. There are many different colours of nail paint available at salons, so you won’t have to worry about not having enough colours to choose from.

4. Men’s Rainbow Nail Art

rainbow nail art men


This rainbow nail pattern looks great on both men and women.

5. Polychromatic Men Nail Art

men nail art


Go for a rainbow or even an odd look by putting together different colours in your own way.

6. ASAP Rocky likes Modern Nail Art

Rocky likes Modern Nail Art


The American rapper and record producer ASAP Rocky is also a fashion leader for guys. In one of his interviews, ASAP Rocky said that guys should be able to paint their nails without feeling like they are trying to be too feminine. Check out how he did his nails to get ideas for men’s nail art.

7. Unique Nail Art Men

Unique Nail Art


When it comes to nail art, anything goes. Using nail art techniques, geometric shapes, abstract patterns, words, and symbols are some of the most common designs for men’s nail polish.

8. Harry Styles Nail Art for Men

Harry Styles' nail art for men


We know Harry Styles, a well-known English singer, always wears clothes that don’t fit into either gender. Everyone loves Harry Styles’s style, from his clothes to his items to his nail art. If you’re looking for nail designs for men, check out Harry Style’s nail art to see what’s popular right now.

9. Matte Nail Art

Coolest With Men Nail Art

Source: gq-magazine

This matte nail art in black and grey looks stylish and modern.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re ready to accept men’s nail art or not. Do a favour and stop making fun of guys who choose to dress in more “feminine” ways.

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