Jason Momoa testimony in the Johnny Depp trial: Is it Fake or Real?

As Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation trial goes on, a fake video of actor Jason Momoa’s testimony in a courtroom statement has gone viral on social media. The fake video was changed so much that people on the Internet thought he was in court.

Not in a group. Jason Momoa responded quietly to what Johnny Depp and Amber Heard said on Instagram. The Aquaman star liked what both sides had to say, but he took out his likes from both posts.

The 2018 movie Aquaman, in which the 42-year-old star worked with Amber Heard, came out in 2018. He also acted with the actor in the new movie Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which is coming out soon. Momoa has not been asked to testify in the case. But someone on social media wrote about what they thought it would be like if he gave video evidence.

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What was in the fake film of Jason Momoa’s testimony?

The two-minute-and-fifteen-second movie was made to look like the actor had joined the trial through a video call link. In the clip, Heard’s lawyer tells Momoa that he shouldn’t say hello to Heard during the hearing.

The actor who played Aquaman then went on to make a number of jokes.

Did Jason Momoa testify at the trial for slander against Amber Heard and Johnny Depp?

By the time the Depp v. Heard trial was over, a lot of famous people had either been brought up in court or were on the list of possible witnesses. Elon Musk, Paul Bettany, James Franco, Eddie Redmayne, Marilyn Manson, Billy Bob Thornton, Winona Ryder, and Vanessa Paradis are all on that list.

Not long after that video with the title “Jason Momoa takes the stand in Johnny Depp’s Amber Heard trial DUB” was posted, it went viral on social media. As of the time this was written, more than 8.3 million people had watched the movie on YouTube.

When a lot of people saw the video of Momoa supposedly testifying, they quickly thought it was fake. On the other hand, even though the word DUB was in the title of the video, some people took it at face value and probably still think Momoa testified to this day.

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