17 Bright Summer Nails Ideas to Try This Season

This summer, have you become obsessed with bright summer nails and the best summer nail colors for your nail art? You’ll want to get a summer manicure after seeing these cute summer nails.

Forget the dark, dreary colors that were popular in the winter and try these bright, beautiful colors instead. If you’ve been looking for the best way to get people to notice your nails and make you smile, you don’t have to look any further than bright summer nails ideas you’ll love.

Cute Bright Summer Nail Colors Ideas

We have the best summer nail ideas to make your fingers shine with bright summer nails, bold summer nails, colorful summer nails, classic summer nails, bare summer nails, or simple summer nails.

1. Summer Mani Nails

Summer Mani Nails
Source: makeup.com

If you put the sun on your nails, I think they would look like these. Wavy sunshine rays shoot across the bright yellow French tips to make a cool, cute, and totally chic Summer nail design that will make all your friends jealous of your manicure this summer. 

2. Neon Bright Summer Nails

Neon Bright Summer Nails
Source: letseatcake.com

Neon summer nails will help you step up your style this season. Because these colors are so bright, they are sure to draw attention, and everyone will be looking in your direction. You can mix and match your best colors for a bold and colorful look, or you can keep it simple and just focus on one color. This manicure will make you feel young and artistic.

3. Glossy Flower Bright Summer Nail Designs

Glossy Flower Bright Summer Nail Designs
Source: unileverservices.com

On a hot summer day when you’re eating ice cream, these shiny nude nails with pretty floral prints will be your stylish companion. Capturing the essence of nature’s beauty and reflecting the sun’s rays, they add a touch of magic to your fingers and make every day a fun adventure full of laughter and sunshine.

4. Sea-green nails

Sea-green nails
Source: nailaesthetic.com

When I say “summer,” what comes to mind? Don’t you think? Here are some ideas for summer nail designs that make us think of beautiful beach waves. For these short, bright summer acrylic nails, start putting blue colors on alternate nails like the thumb and middle finger.

5. Bright Summer Nails With Smokey Pastels

Bright Summer Nails With Smokey Pastels
Source: withhouna.com

Like a dip in a bright sea, these ethereal nails give off the laid-back, fresh, and fun vibes that we all know and love about Summer. 

The watercolor effect has been popular all year, and it looks like it’s only going to get more popular. This means that it’s likely to be the most popular manicure come, Summer.

6. Bright French Tip Nails for Summer

Bright French Tip Nails for Summer
Source: dailyvanity.sg

With a modern take on French tips, you can draw attention to the shape of your nails by putting the color at the end. This is a standard way to do a manicure, but adding a bright color will update the look and make it feel new and exciting while still being easy to do. Try different shades of the same color on the base and tip for a finish that will make you the envy of all your friends.

7. Ombre Orange Summertime Nails

Ombre Orange Summertime Nails
Source: selectivenails.com

Get in touch with your inner Egyptian royalty with these beautiful ombre orange nails, which combine the feel of summer with the look of ancient luxury. Long golden flakes cover the bright orange gradient, making it look like the sands of time are hiding riches.

8. Nails with a smile

Nails with a smile
Source: pinimg.com

This cute idea for nail art with a happy face is the best one you can try at home. You just need black, white, and yellow nail polish and small brushes or other nail art tools. If you know a little bit about how to make thin lines, there’s no problem. 

9. Forget Me Nots Nails

Forget Me Not Nails
Source: withhouna.com

They’re very simple and easy to copy, especially since the full color, which has a lot of personality and is almost exciting, speaks for itself. In other words, you have to try these nails this Summer. 

10. Bright Nails in Many Colors

Bright Nails in Many Colors
Source: yelpcdn.com

We know what you’re thinking: what better way to get into the summer spirit than with a mani-pedi? To get this easy chic look, you need to paint each fingernail a different color. This makes it easy to combine all the colors you like. You decide if that’s a cool green or a bright pink. The difference in color and shape of each nail will draw attention to your hands and show off their shape.

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11. Summer Fun Chrome Nails

Summer Fun Chrome Nails
Source: bauerhosting.com

The colorful design on these lively nails is great for soaking up the sun and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Let your right hand be the star with beautiful shades of green from your thumb to your ring finger. Your pinky will stand out with a pop of pink.

12. Dark Light Green Nails

Dark Light Green Nails
Source: pinimg.com

You can try this at home if you have dark sage green nail polish. It’s an easy way to make short, bright nails for summer. Also, this is a good idea if you have short nails that you have grown by taking care of them, like putting cuticle oil on them regularly. Paint your nails with dark sage green nail polish.

13. Summer Colors Pink and White

Summer Colors Pink and White
Source: wp.com

These beautiful nails kind of remind me of ice cream, and they taste just as good! 

These nails are so cute, stylish, and right on a trend that you should wear them on days when you want to feel extra good.

14. Blue Fingernails

Blue Fingernails
Source: withhouna.com

Bright blue is a rich color that is often linked to wealth and style. But in the summer, it’s all about being yourself and getting people to notice your nails. Do you love simple nail art? Good, because this color makes even the most simple design look beautiful. Or, you could add contrast by painting one nail a different color. Not only will this tone down the blue, but it will also let you try out multiple styles in one.

15. Short Bright Summer Nails

Short Bright Summer Nails
Source: beautybay.com

With a similar color pattern, you can’t go wrong. This pedicure is bold, but it’s also stylish enough to say, “Yeah, I know about color theory.” Warm colors like these candy colors would be great for roller skating on a late summer afternoon.

16. Half White Nails 

Half White Nails
Source: lulus.com

Don’t have enough money for a manicure? With these short, bright summer nails, your fingers will look great. For this idea, you don’t need to buy any pricey nail tools.

17. Curly Summer Nails for Using Pastel

Curly Summer Nails for Using Pastel
Source: hearstapps.com

With this cute and stylish Summer nail idea, you can add a little girly fun to your trips this year. 

I love pale violets, and it doesn’t look like they’ll go out of style any time soon. I also can’t say that I don’t think of this as an “easy-to-replicate” look that I’m definitely going to try this Summer. 

Final Thoughts

This summer, neon colors, pastels, and bright colors are popular for nails. Taking care of your nails properly is very important in the summer. This means keeping them from the sun and from drying out. The right tools and methods are needed to make summer nail art, and nail care products like strengtheners and cuticle oils can keep nails healthy.

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