10 Master Bathroom Ideas That You Should Copy

Use these modern luxury master bathroom ideas as inspiration to make your master bathroom a practical and soothing personal hideaway.

We all deserve to enjoy life’s small pleasures in our homes. And where better than the bathroom to do so? It is not necessary to have a passion for skincare or to spend hours soaking in the Jacuzzi in order to appreciate a modern, well-appointed bathroom. In fact, the correct touches can elevate even the most mundane activities, such as brushing your teeth. It may be true that larger primary bathrooms offer more opportunities for modern elements, but this does not mean that smaller spaces cannot make a stylish impression.

Master bathroom ideas 2023

1. Stand-alone tub

People who keep up with bathroom trends may already know that freestanding tubs are very popular right now. Add a separate tub like this sleek, modern one from The Home Depot to your master bathroom to make it look better. A separate tub will not only make the room look better, but they are usually bigger than built-in tubes. They give bathers more room to settle down and stretch.

2. Viewing the arch

ELLE DECOR A-Lister Mary McDonald chose a dramatic marble entryway to frame the vanity for a couple of maximalist makeup moguls. Besides the faucet, the bathroom has a handmade counter and mirror made by Urban Archaeology. The lamps are by Ralph Lauren Home, the stool is from Carl Moore Antiques, and the pendant is from the Urban Electric Co.

3. Master bathroom ideas photo gallery

Some of the decorative touches that make this main bathroom from the team at interior design company Leclair Decor feel as polished, comfortable, and stylish as any other room in the house are the framed art on the walls, the vintage-style runner, and the sculptural stool.

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4. Use the sink to save space

In this Austin home, the sinks are outside of each bathroom so that there is room for two full bathrooms upstairs. Making a vanity out of an old box with bamboo details makes it look more like it belongs in the bedroom. Wall sconces and a decorative mirror make a room that is mostly used look more elegant.

5. Modern luxury master bathroom ideas

If you want to find modern ideas for your master bathroom, this one could help. This bathroom has a modern feel thanks to its clean lines, bright colors, wall-mounted toilet, and mix of glass, metal, and tile. Adding a hidden shelf along one wall of the space will make it more useful without taking away from its style.

6. Small BLACK AND WHITE master bathroom ideas

If you use white subway tiles for the wall, a half-circle brick arch, and a pendant with a veined ball, you have to use a black tub. The tub, fittings, and tiles in this bathroom by Ashe Leandro, who is on the cover of ELLE DECOR, are all made by Waterworks. The vintage light bulb is from JF Chen.

7. Boho Style of Design

Abbie Naber is an interior designer from San Diego, California. With patterned tiles, an old rug, and a straw basket planter on the floor, A. Naber Design gave this main bathroom a bohemian look. Warm wood, modern black plumbing fixtures, geometric mirrors, and black-and-white globe hanging lights are some of the modern touches she added.

8. Spacious

The powder room has different sinks and mirrors so that more than one person can use it. There is a built-in bench with a tropical geometric-print cloth that can be used as a seat. New fabrics were used by designer Lindsey Coral Harper to make this dreamy beach house bath. “Using coordinating—not matching—prints in adjoining rooms looks more interesting,” she points out.

9. The fireplace

The warm glow of a fire makes you naturally feel calm and relaxed. Putting in an electric fireplace in your bathroom, like this one with a mantel that you can find on Amazon—it was one of the best electric fireplaces we looked into—will make it feel more like a personal retreat and help you relax more.

10. Ideas for a big master bathroom

Seeing two things? This bathroom in Malibu, California, was designed by Standard Architecture and Martha Mulholland. It has two sets of doors and sinks, which add some visual interest to this calm space.

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