10+ Beautiful White Houses with Black Trim Exteriors

I recently saw a beautiful cottage-style house that got me back into “dream house” mode, but I thought to myself, “I wish it was a white house black trim and windows.”

Here she is, my little dream house perfect for retirement.

white house black trim

In recent years, white house with black trim have been one of the most popular home design trends. From contemporary farmhouses to traditional colonial residences, the style has become ubiquitous. But will this style endure or will it be a fleeting fad? Let’s dissect what makes this aesthetic so popular and the various ways a white house with black trim can be created.

There’s something special about black and white, no?

It’s a color scheme I freely use throughout my residence. Some may consider it a secure option, but I call it the bold option of all time. And it is currently the most popular option for building exteriors. 

white house black trim

The modern farmhouse with white house black trim exterior trend that has dominated Pinterest and Instagram for years appears to have popularized the white and black trim combination. 

Why are White House Black Trim so Popular?

white house black trim

White housing with black trim have existed for centuries, but its popularity has increased in recent years. The timeless color scheme has an aura of sophistication that allows it to complement a variety of fashions. It works well with both contemporary and traditional residences and adds a touch of elegance without being excessive. This trend is simple to implement in both new construction and renovations. And there is something about the contrast of white and black that gives a home a great deal of curb appeal.

I’m pretty sure that our own house (or forever home) will be white house with black trim. 

I was curious, so I did some study. I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog post about what I learned. I found that this color combination works well with many different types of building and makes it easy to add natural or wood elements.

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Choosing the Perfect Color:

If you like the look of a white house with black trim, you can get it in a few different ways. The first thing you should do is paint your house white. 

Sherwin Williams White Duck

Sherwin Williams White Duck

White Duck by Sherwin Williams is a bright white with hints of yellow and gray. It might look white, but never too yellow. We used it on our present house, and the black windows, gutters, and downspouts make it look great.

Sherwin Williams White Duck

Benjamin Moore White Dove

Benjamin Moore White Dove

William Moore White Dove is another warm white, but it is not nearly as smooth as White Dove. White Dove is a great choice if you want a white paint color that doesn’t stand out too much.

Benjamin Moore White Dove

Choose Black Trim Elements:

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore is one of my favorite dark paint colors. It is considered a soft black or dark gray and has subtle navy and green undertones. We used this color on our back porches, including the fascia and soffits.

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black

If you are looking for something darker for your trim, I would recommend Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black. Since it has an LRV of 3, it is very close to true black.

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black

11 White House Black Trim Ideas:

So, whether you want to update your house or just paint it, these ideas for white houses with black trim will help you create a stunning look for the outside of your home.

1. White Brick House With Black Trim

white brick house with black trim

Brick gives you another chance to show how sophisticated black and white design is. The brick isn’t completely smooth, so even when it’s painted bright white, it still has a bit of roughness that you can see. The solid black roof and trim help to smooth out the rough look of the white bricks, giving the house a solid, timeless look.

2. Single Story White House Black Trim

single story white house black trim

This small but friendly house is made of rake boards and is in a snowy area. It is commonly used to build houses. It is actually a type of trim that is often used on the outside of white houses.

You can also cover the sides of the sloped gable roof with rake boards. You can see what it looks like in the picture above. The rake boards are the black trims on the roof.

3. Modern White House Black Trim

modern white house black trim

This huge Modern Farmhouse-style home with beautiful tiered landscaping is another example of a home that uses wood to add interest. The way the builder connected the different parts of this house with beams and a covered walkway looks great!

4. Ranch-Style House

single story white house black trim

This home is a prime example of how a traditional split-level ranch home can be made to appear more modern and to exude curb appeal. The addition of the stone element adds warmth and allure.

5. White House Black Trim Wood Accents

white house with black trim

Increasing numbers of homeowners are attracted to homes with a blend of design influences. One example is the suburban/lodge design approach. It combines traditional residential architecture with striking lodge-inspired elements, such as wood pillars at the entrance or wood cornices on the eaves, while maintaining an elegant appearance with white exterior and black trim.

6. Traditional Country White Wood Home 

white houses with black trim

The allure of country homes is enough to make anyone fall in love with them. If you’re also searching for white country house design inspiration, check out the above home. This country home has a timber exterior with board-and-batten siding and a stylish metal roof.

7. French Style Residence

white houses with black trim

If a French-style exterior awning is not to your taste, here is a more traditional and modern alternative. I adore how the builder managed to make the exterior of this home modern, but not too modern, if you get my meaning. 

8. Tonal Contrast and Texture

white house with black trim

This home’s exterior is comprised of a variety of cladding materials. Note the entrance made of white brick against the cladding. 

The dark buildings’ siding is a charcoal gray color. It is just dark enough to distinguish itself from the window frames. The front entrance was also painted with gray paint.

9. The Spanish Revival Style of Architecture

white house with black trim

Although browns and reds are more typical for Spanish colonial revival residences, a chic black-and-white motif also looks fantastic with this architectural style. Even if the home is not constructed from adobe or clay, fiber cement panels with a white stucco-style surface can achieve the same aesthetic.

10. House With White Siding and Black Windows 

white house with black trim

Who wouldn’t want to reside in a timber home? If you, too, wish to construct a white wooden home, refer to the image above for ideas. This is a white, two-story wooden rural home with black windows. The darker moldings and details provide an excellent contrast to the bare exterior walls.

11. Unique Front Door Alternatives

modern white house black trim

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea to have three enormous windows as doors, but it’s a wonderful choice for this house. The black panes provide contrast and encourage a look inside. Imagine this residence during the holiday season. 

12. Traditional and Charming Colorado Farmhouse

modern white house black trim

This Colorado farmhouse stayed true to its traditional origins by retaining the original cedar color of its roof shingles. The garage door, black vintage-style sconces, and black window trim are new additions.


Are white houses with black trim famous?

It is a color scheme that never grows tired. In recent years, it has been used to give old farmhouses a modern feel, but it can be used in nearly every home design.

Is black a suitable color for trim?

As with any exterior paint color, black can be a striking trim color if used properly. A small amount goes a long way. Try it sparingly with a matte finish if you are hesitant about it.

Will the trend continue in the future?

White houses with black trim are having a significant moment right now, but it remains to be seen if they will remain popular in the years to come. Regardless, this timeless color scheme looks fantastic on all types of homes, regardless of their size or style.

I’ve written about 16 paint colors ideas for making your room appear larger.

Explore The Organic Vibes for more information on the different types of architecture, home construction techniques and styles, and decorating ideas.

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