When You Dream About Someone Are They Thinking of You

Do you want to know what it signifies when you dream about someone are they thinking of you?

When you unexpectedly dream about someone, you’ll probably wake up wondering “why.” Why wouldn’t you, too? It can be perplexing and entirely odd to have a dream about someone. Fortunately, there are a few  reasons when you dream about someone are they thinking of you.

When You Dream of Someone Are They Thinking About You

Many people assume that if you dream of someone they are thinking of you. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this.

But keep in mind that just because it hasn’t been well explored and we don’t have solid evidence that this is what your dream symbolises doesn’t make it wrong. In reality, there have been numerous cases where someone dreamed about someone while thinking about them.

5 Surprising Reasons for Dreaming About Someone

Dreaming about a specific person is also an indication that you have lately thought about them, and it is wonderful that this person is thinking of you.

1. They are the central figure in your dreams

It’s not a coincidence if you dream about a specific individual who appears prominently in your dream. You can wake up remembering nothing else about the dream except the individual.

If someone plays a significant role in your dreams, it could imply a variety of things. Maybe you’re missing them or thinking about them because you like them. You may be attracted to them, and your subconscious mind is displaying your emotions.

2. You wish for the other person to like or admire you

When you dream about someone, it means you want their approval or attention. This is most likely due to their ignoring you or refusing to engage with your advances.

You have a strong desire for others to like or adore you. So, if you don’t feel liked or acknowledged, you start to doubt your appearance or your confidence.

3. Does this imply that they are thinking about me?

While dreaming about someone normally indicates that they are thinking of you, dreaming about the same person repeatedly may indicate that they have thought of you so many times that when you dream about them, it is just another instance where the notion enters your mind.

If you have frequent dreams about someone, it could signify that they are thinking about you, but it is really no different from if you have frequent thoughts about them.

4. You see them a lot

Dreams are usually merely a reflection of our daily life, with our minds returning to places, people, and events from the past. If you discover that you see the same person in your dreams on a regular basis, they may have appeared for no apparent reason.

While this method of determining what your dream implies is relatively simple, it can help if you find yourself dreaming about someone with whom you are not very close or fond.

5. Someone is going to take advantage of you

Be cautious about what you reveal to this individual, since it may come back to haunt you.

You are not very open with others and prefer to keep your deepest thoughts to yourself. On the other hand, you remain playful and spontaneous while not disclosing too much to individuals in your life.

6. On some level, you’re drawn to them

If you’ve never thought of the person you dreamed about and they happen to be thinking about you at the same moment, it could indicate that you’re attracted to them.

Perhaps on a romantic or purely intimate basis. Perhaps they have a characteristic that feels familiar and remarkable. That being stated, trust your intuition and don’t be ashamed of your wants. The person you’re attracted to may just be a mirror of your desires and values in life.

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7. You two have a soul connection

This is a connection that extends beyond emotions and feelings. This is a bond that transcends geography, time, and matter. It’s a cosmic link that drives our motives and wants and leads us to ultimate bliss.

It is the link that keeps us alive in many ways. The soul is the energy we all share; we are only various manifestations of the same energy.

8. If you were with them, your life would be different

If you are dreaming about someone, it is most likely because you are concerned about whether you made the proper judgments in your relationships. The sight of a specific individual in your dreams indicates that you are inquisitive about how your life might be with them.

9. They represent a desire

This specific person you’re dreaming about could simply be a manifestation of a desire you have in your life.

Do you have a crush on someone who has your ideal job? That could be because you have a strong passion for that career, which is manifested through this individual.

Finally, if you’re wondering if dreaming about someone signifies they’re thinking about you, the answer is actually ambiguous. Before deciding what your dream signifies, you should investigate it further and consider all possible possibilities.

10. You are feeling isolated or lonely

Dreaming about someone indicates that you are lonely, sad, or used. You miss someone terribly, yet they do not share your sentiments.

You are having difficulty moving on from this individual and are continuously thinking about them. You want they could come back into your life so that everything could be normal again.

You have found it difficult to form new relationships or friendships because you are preoccupied with the person you have lost. Instead of making new memories, you choose to reflect on your former ones.

11. In your dreams, you see a lot of dead people or animals

This could be an indication that you’re experiencing a lot of melancholy and need to talk to someone about it.

It’s also possible that you dreamed about these deceased individuals because they died recently in real life, or because they reminded you of something.

When we dream, we are often subconsciously examining the future and the path we should pursue in life.

This might be good or terrible, so pay attention to each one and see if these exciting dreams persist.

If you see animals in your dreams, it could be a sign that something in your life is making you feel lonely.


1. Are they thinking about you if you dream about an ex?

Exes are likely to be one of the most typical dream scenarios.

There’s a significant probability you’ve dreamed about your ex in some way, and their thoughts are most likely on you. If this is the case, it could indicate that you still harbour romantic sentiments for them.

When you dream about an ex, it might mean a variety of things based on the context of your relationship and how long ago it occurred.

If you’re still holding on to that ex and have affections for them, you could dream about them going through the same scenario.

2. What does it signify when I have a dream about someone I’ve never met?

If you have a dream about someone you don’t know, it could signal that something is out of place in your life.

It could also indicate the appearance of a new person in your life. If this is the case, you are almost certainly meeting them for the first time.

In your dream, an unknown individual could represent a new aspect of oneself. There is a good likelihood that they are causing a shift or adjustment in your life.

3. Why am I having recurring dreams about the same person?

If you have repeated dreams about the same person, it could imply that they are always there. Depending on your experience with this person, this might be a positive or negative thing.

If you believe they are present because they are always generating friction in your life, this could indicate that they are close to someone in your life.

It could also imply that the individual is exuding a vibe that has rubbed off on you and others.

4. What if I have a dream about someone I’ve never met?

Dreaming about someone you don’t speak to could indicate that you have deep affections for them.

This person could be someone you know right now or someone from your history. If this is the case, it’s probable that you’re still dreaming about them due to an internal struggle.

There’s a significant probability that this person is causing mayhem in your life and you’re attempting to address it.

5. How should you interpret a dream about someone?

The goal of dream interpretation is to uncover the hidden meaning inside a dream’s symbolism. It is widely held that dreams mirror our inner thoughts and ambitions, or that they are foreshadowings of what is to come.

Every night, we are visited by a tiny cast of dream characters who may convey a wide range of messages.

6. What does it signify when you have a dream and it comes true?

A premonition occurs when you dream of something and then it occurs.

Those are dreams that are usually incredibly vivid, and you can see them in your head as if they were a movie.

If this is the case, then there may be a catalyst or event that will set off the experience.

When you have a detailed dream, it could signify that there are many things in your life that you cannot see. This could be a trigger for an event or a change.

7. Can a dream concerning someone be interpreted as a spiritual message?

If you see someone who is deceased or has passed away in your dream, it could imply that you are feeling their presence.

This could be an indication that you should pay more attention to your inner thoughts and feelings.

This person has come to you in order for you to heal emotionally or resolve a disagreement.

when you dream about someone are they thinking of you

Last thoughts

In the end, dreams are a treasure trove that can help us learn something new about ourselves and our future.

Each dream can reveal something new to you, so approach it as a puzzle and carefully fit the pieces together!

We don’t always understand why some dreams come to us, but they never come without a cause.

If you start dreaming about someone who means a lot to you, it could be because you are subconsciously connected, and this person can guide you through the emotional roller coaster that is life.

Dreaming is a gift, and you should enjoy it fully.

You should be able to tell whether someone is thinking about you while you’re dreaming about them.

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