Wavy Hair Care Tips With Proven DIY Routine Guide

If you’re fortunate enough to have naturally wavy hair you’re likely to be the envy of all those around you. Naturally, wavy hair is beautiful in volume and texture, two things that others who have hair like.

It’s not as dry and coarse as curly hair, or as silky and fine as straight hair.

Let’s talk about how we can tackle the issues that wavy hair textures, regardless of whether they’re medium, fine, or coarse, may have to be faced with. If your hair tends to have more loose, soft curly lines, you could be worried about weighed-down waves. 

Curly-leaning waves may be dry and frizzy that is typical of curly. Finer waves are more prone to more oil and grease as loose S-curves allow grease to travel all through to the ends of the hair.

Types of Wavy Hair : Determining Your Curl Type

Different Types of Curl Hair
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Knowing your hair’s type will aid you in selecting the best product to help keep your hair soft and silky. Check out our most helpful tips on how to care for wavy hair.

”Wavy” type 2A: It’s almost as smooth similar to straight hair however If you take a closer look you will notice it is forming thin S curls. Hair is very fine, and straight. They’ve got very subtle waves, and a bit of volume. Dry by nature.

“Wavy” Type 2B: Has no curls. Also, it is straight. The hair type varies from fragile and delicate to coarse and dense, however, it is still resistant to curl. Fine and fragile, coarse and thick, however, it is still unaffected by curls.

“Wavy” Type 2C: Type 2C hair consists of coils that form an “S” pattern when stretched as similar to Type 2A curly hair. It is the most common of three types of wavy hair that has the largest volume.

1. Put Hair Bun Before Going to Bed To Take Care Of Your Wavy Hair

Wavy Hair Girl With Hair Bun Is Sleeping
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Put your hair in buns prior to bedtime to keep your hair maintained. Dry your hair using a towel then apply a styling gel and then wrap your hair in four twists buns. This will ensure that you keep smooth curls in the morning. 

2. Combing Your Wavy Hair

Wavy Hair Girl Combing
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With the help of a wide-toothed comb remove knots. You can also comb while the conditioner remains in your hair for ease and make sure that the conditioner covers all your hair strands.

Use your fingers if necessary. If you have to pull to untangle, dry hair Spray the knot with a leave-in conditioning spray. Then use your fingers to smooth any knots.

3. Choose a Good Shampoo

Wavy Hair Girl Using Hair Conditioner
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Use a shampoo that is specially designed for curly to wavy hair. Choose shampoos that state they’re designed to be used with a wavy texture and can add bounce and/or clarity to your waves.

It’s not recommended for people who have wavy hair. Hair can be stripped of the essential natural oils it needs.

4. Choose a Right Conditioner

Hair Conditioner Mockup
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Along with a good shampoo, it is recommended to make use of a conditioner that matches the hair type you are using. Make sure to locate the conditioner used in conjunction with it. If there’s no conditioner designed to be purchased together with the shampoo, search for one that states it’s specifically designed for wavy hair. It is important to use a conditioner each time you wash.

5. Shower: Hot or Cold

Wavy Hair Girl Taking Shower
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Hot water is known to remove moisture from hair and dry it out. So, washing your hair using chilled water as well as avoiding hot water can help to retain moisture and strength. 

Though warm water is good to use in order to allow the conditioner and shampoo to be absorbed into your hair. However, finishing your shower with hot or warm water may cause it to dry out. Even if you take a warm shower, you should end by taking a cold shower.

6. Minimize Use of Hot Tools

Hair Heat Styling Tools
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When it comes to hair, heat causes dryness, frizz, and damage. And as we’ve learned, curly hair is already dry by nature. So it’s better not to use a blow-dryer that can make your hair frizzy and can also damage it. 

If you have to use a hairdryer, ensure that you apply a heat protector product to your hair and then use a diffuser and set the dryer to the lowest setting.

7. Don’t Use Many Products

Choose products for styling which are light and designed specifically for hair with wavy waves, and avoid using excessively, tempting as they are.

Some important FAQs on Wavy Hair Care

What to avoid if you have curly hair?

Avoid products containing sulfates, parabens, harsh chemicals, and fragrances.

How often should you wash your hair?

In general, try shampooing every other day or every 3 days.

What Hairstyles Are Best For Curly Hair?

Loose ponytail, loose braids, or just let your hair wear down

What oils are suitable for wavy hair?

Any following oil can be used,

  • coconut oil
  • olive oil
  • castor oil
  • avocado oil

Wrapping Up: 

Wavy Hair Girls Laughing
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Gentle hair care, limited heat styling, and all the above tips are all it takes to keep your tight coils or looser waves in shape. Avoid excessive shampooing and flaunt your curly hair with the hairstyles mentioned above.

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