Which social media platform is the most damaging for mental health?

Mental health conditions and the use of social media and smartphones are increasing parallelly since its launch. Mental health concerns since the release of smartphones which are so popular and it’s significantly easier to access the internet, especially the social media platform. Worldwide there are an estimated 3.8 billion social media users in 2021 which is half the global population.

Facebook and Instagram:

Which social media platform is the most damaging for mental health
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Facebook remains the world’s most used social media platform with 2.7 billion monthly active users.

But Instagram (owned by Facebook) is the most engaging social media platform. Most popular among young adults & teens.

Stepping out of the steps, Instagram and Twitter are the most used platforms as we are noticing in 2021. There are so many things going on around the world that include both positive and negative things.

Most celebrities and personalities are using Twitter to address their followers or the public in general. On the other hand, Instagram is operated by celebrities, influencers, brands, and Content creators. 

Will Instagram is engaging more due to its new reels section? Due to this people are spending an excessive amount of time on that and due to some content, one can even start feeling lonely, depressed, dissatisfied, frustrated, lonely that affecting our routine life and habits or we can say the online habits very badly.

Being a regular social media user sing different things about some events happening around the world and people bombarding social media accounts with their hate speeches, false and misleading information, death threats, cyberbullying, etc. which is very depressing for a normal person to see all these regularly around you.

To be honest I just feel that my online habits and routing is heading towards negativity and aggression and hate. At that moment I decided to do a small social detox of my own choice.

We don’t always need to cut down completely from social media:-

  • First, I did limit my time of using social apps and focusing more on work.
  • Unfollowing and unsubscribing from all the things that were building negativity and depression.
  • Spending more time on outdoor games with friends and some quality time with the family.

These are some small baby steps that are not big but they are very effective on ur daily online or social media habits that directly affect your mental health.

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