Smart Skin Care Tips for Teenagers with All Skin Types

Are you having acne problems or having too much oil on your skin in summer? Then I am afraid that there is no such product in the market that can solve your problem 100%. I agree, these products help you but there is no surety. I would like to know what type of skin you have. then go for the product that suits your skin. When I was a teenager I had these acne and skincare problems too. And this is the most common problem that teenagers face today. So today we will discuss Smart Skin Care Tips for Teenagers with All Skin Types.

Normal Skin Type and How to Care

Normal Skin Type Teen Girl Skin Care Routine

The normal skin has a smooth skin tone and a softer texture with no visible blemishes or red spots. And the pors are also visible. The skin surface is neither greasy nor dry at all. If you have normal skin then you should wash your face two or three times each day with a mild cleanser or water to remove all the dirt and sweat.

Skin Care Tips for Teenagers With Dry Skin

Usually, the dry skin is very dull, rough, and itchy with almost visible pores. Dry skin is caused by an abnormal shedding of cells from the skin’s outer layer. Don’t worry about that, it’s very normal, lubrication from the body’s natural oil will help you to prevent water loss from your skin and it will make your skin softer and smoother. If you have dry skin then you must wash your face on a daily basis with a mild cleanser. 

This will prevent your skin from becoming dry. Moisturize with a non-perfumed, non-alcohol-containing cream after washing. Then you have to take extra care of your skin by limiting very hot showers, high temperatures, and low humidity because that steals the moisturizer from your skin. Even using soap or excessive washing your face scrubbing can cause dryness.

So to prevent all these problems just take warm water for 20 minutes. Avoid using excessive washing of your face. When you get out of the tab get your body dry and use non-alcoholic cream or ointment all over your skin to protect from dryness. Now pet your skin again and apply oil or cream that helps to lock in healing moisturizer.

Skin Care Tips for Teenagers With Oily Skin

Oily Skin Type Teen Girl Skin Care Routine

As we all know the oily skin and acne-prone skin with open pores and the shiny complexion with blackheads, whiteheads, and a lot of pimples right? The hormonal changes, oil production, and anything that affects your hormone level may influence your skin as well. Some skincare experts believe that stress-like exams may trigger an outbreak of acne. 

To keep oily skin good, wash your face 3 times a day with plain soap or water as you like. If you need to clean your face at school or college use an over-the-counter cleansing pad that will help you to dissolve oil and remove extract oil from your skin surface. In case of pimples never pop or squeeze them that can spread more inflammation and worsen the acne. Always use cosmetic and other facial products that are 100% natural and non-comedogenic meaning they don’t clog your pores and keep your hair off your face and also wash your hair daily to reduce the oil.

Skin Care Tips for Teenagers For Teen With Combination of Both Skin Type

With the combination skin, you might have an oily for dry skin elsewhere. It is either overly dry or excessively oily and cheeks may appear rough. Depending on the season the oiliness and dryness can change too. The skin is usually dry when the weather is cold. Wash your face 3 times a day with plain soap and water to remove excess oil and dirt. Wash off the dry area but not the oil areas.

Why Moisturise the Skin?

So these were the Natural beauty tips for teenage girls and boys. As we all know that our body is 80% water and water is an essential part of healthy skin. Normally hydration moves from the inside of the skin to the outer layer of the skin. When your skin lacks hydration it becomes dry and very flaky. Without an appropriate moisturizer, the skin looks dry and dull. Especially during the winter the outdoor air and blast of heat from the heater make things worse. You can use the natural moisturizer to remove the dryness. 

Pro Tip: If you have sensitive skin then you must avoid the moisturizer with added fragrance.

When to See the Doctor

No matter what your skin type is if you are not sure of how to treat acne and any other skin problem. Talk to a primary or your family doctor that can provide you the best information. You can also get an appointment with a dermatologist that can give you the best advice. Treat your skin properly each day and it would be perfectly fine for your skin.

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