lateral head tricep exercises for Bigger Arms

A triceps workout can add weight and balance to your overall body. If you’d like arms like a professional bodybuilder exercising triceps in a specific way is an absolute must. There are a variety of lateral head tricep exercises to help you grow the size of your arms, and improve your overhead press and dip, and various other pressing exercises.

But, many people do exercises for triceps thinking that they’re targeting the head that is lateral, but in reality, they’re using different parts of the tricep (medial or long head) or, even worse, compensating using the lats or delts in the rear.

To ensure that you don’t target other muscle groups while your goal is to target the lateral head, we’ve created an exercise list that you can incorporate into your training.

The lateral head of your tricep muscle is the largest tricep muscle. It is also the most prominent when looking from the sides. Although you aren’t able to focus on the muscle, lateral head tricep exercises will help you build the size of your muscles to achieve your goals for the physique.

In this article, we’ll discuss the lateral head tricep exercises to add shape and size to your upper arms.

1. Triceps pushdowns : Tricep Heads Workout

Triceps pushdowns : lateral head tricep exercises

The tricep press down is one of the most well-known tricep exercises, isolating the lateral part of the tricep while focussing on elbow extension only.

You can make this exercise more efficient with a rope, or V-handle and keeping arms close to your body.

Tricep Pushdowns are a popular training routine for the triceps. To focus on the lateral head tricep, use the bar or V-bar instead of a rope that will be the most effective for isolation. It is easier to control the motion to keep the attention on the head.

2. Diamond Push-Ups : Lateral Head Tricep Exercises

Woman Doing Diamond Push-Ups
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Also known as Triangle push-ups, they are among the best exercises working both the lateral and long head triceps.

Diamond push-ups are exercises for the body that can be performed at any time making it ideal at home, the lateral head triceps exercise.

This exercise could be tough on your elbows and wrists be careful in case you have joint problems.

3. Close Grip Bench Press : Outer Tricep Workout

Close Grip Bench Press outer tricep workout

The bench press with a close grip is a great exercise for bodybuilders looking to improve their bench form while focusing on their triceps. If you’re planning to add this variation on the bench to your workout in the gym, keeping correct form and elbows tucked is vital.

Place your body on the bench, with your feet lying flat on the floor. hold the barbell in your hands spread shoulder-width apart. You can have them a little more or less than that, however, don’t get too far apart otherwise the set-up could get unstable and you’ll be at risk of injuries on your wrists. Keep your core in place and press your shoulder blades in order to stabilize your body. Reduce the bar slowly and press it upwards with force. After that, you can bring the bar to your sternum. Keep your elbows near your sides to emphasize your triceps. Do not arch your back.

4. Dumbbell French Press

Woman Doing Dumbbell French Press : lateral head tricep exercises

This dumbbell French press can be found in various variants (using dumbbells, bands, or machines) but it isolates the triceps, in particular, the lateral head to a greater extent.

Place yourself on a solid platform with your knees bent, and feet flat. Keep five to 10 pounds of dumbbells in each hand, and straighten your arms across the chest. With your palms facing one opposite Bend your elbows and gradually lower the dumbbells to your shoulder until the lower part of your arm sits at a 45-degree angle towards the upper part of your hand. For two seconds, pause here and then return to your starting

5. Overhead Triceps Extensions : Lateral Head Tricep Exercises

Woman Doing Overhead Triceps Extensions

This exercise can be done with just a single dumbbell barbell, EZ bars, or cables. You might also find it more comfortable to do it sitting. Doing it the wrong way on a bench for preachers is the most ideal place to perform this exercise since it provides comfortable back support but does not limit the movement range.

6. Kettlebell Floor Press : Tricep Heads Workout

Woman Doing Kettlebell Floor Press: lateral head tricep exercises

The floor press is often left out of the process of building muscle. They are a great exercise for focusing on the triceps as well as making the most of a gym that does not have cables.

The one-arm kettlebell exercise is a variant of the one-arm dumbbell floor press and is an exercise designed to build your triceps muscles.

The one-arm kettlebell floor press offers a variety of challenging exercises for your core and triceps. The unidirectional nature of the exercise requires users to use the core muscles for stability when they lift the weight.

The most distinctive feature of kettlebells is that their weight is beneath the handle you use. This makes it necessary to fight gravity more than dumbbells, where the weight is right in alignment with the handle.

7. Barbell JM Press

Barbell JM Press: tricep heads

JM press is basically the cross between the bench press with a closed grip and an exercise that involves a skull crusher barbell, both of that are classic strength as well as weight-gaining exercise for the triceps.

When using the bench press with a close grip lifter uses smaller grips than the traditional bench press, such as hands with shoulder width, or slightly inwards to increase the involvement of the triceps over your chest and shoulders. 

When using the skull crusher, the bar is brought down toward the head, which puts an increase in the triceps in order to boost the activation. 

The JM press brings both exercises to create a workout that targets the triceps through the movement range they use to keep the elbows in place within the last several inches during a press repetition when the weight is rising over the head.

8. Bench Dips : Lateral Head Tricep Exercises

Bench dips : lateral head tricep exercises

Include bench dips in your upper body workout to target your chest and the triceps.

First, sit down on a bench and place your hands close to your thighs.

Take your feet out and stretch your legs out by lifting your bottom off the bench and securing your arms out to the side.

With your elbow bent your body to the lowest you can reach and continue until you reach a 90-degree angle. Then, push your palms and then back to start.

Conclusion paragraph

lateral head tricep exercises
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The triceps are the muscles on the back of your arm and they’re a key player in many exercises such as bench press, overhead press, dips, and other pressing movements. As you may know from our last post about this muscle group, there are lots of lateral head tricep exercises to help you grow the size of your arms and improve these various other pressing exercises. We want to hear which exercise you find most effective- drop us a line with an email or comment below!

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