Jessica Simpson weight loss Journey & How She Lose 100 Pounds

Jessica Simpson weight loss journey has been well-documented over the past few years, but that doesn’t mean Jessica is done talking about it. She recently revealed some of the details of her diet and exercise plan on Good Morning America, telling host Robin Roberts how she lost weight for her “This Is Me” Weight Watchers campaign. Jessica said she went from a size 16 to a size 2 in just six months! Here are 10 ways Jessica Simpson’s diet changed her life:

Who is Jessica Simpson?

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Jessica Simpson is an American model, actress, designer, and singer. She’s been married to Tommy Hilfiger for the past 15 years. She has recently filed for divorce after 15 very happy ones together. Jessica was born in Lake Havasu California before moving back with her parents when she was 7-years old. That gave way to many great memories growing up alongside Southern California’s beautiful beaches!

I can’t think of any more Biography about this woman. Just one word is for her “Powerful Soul”.

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss Journey & Steps She Took in Her Journey

Jessica Simpson started losing weight after giving birth to her baby girl in the year 2019. Jessica’s weight was a big issue for her and she had to lose that extra fat. She wanted to regain back her self-esteem and confidence.

Jessica started by going on a diet, but it didn’t work out too well until she met with a fitness trainer who taught Jessica how to work out properly. The best thing about Jessica’s story is that it inspired many other people around the world including me! 

Below are the steps Jessica took to lose her weight faster and more efficiently.

Step 1: Jessica Simpson’s Weight Loss Journey Diet

Jessica Simpson’s weight loss journey diet includes eating more fruit and vegetables, less meat, eating smaller portions of food throughout the day, and drinking a lot of water.

She has also said that she avoids carbohydrates before bedtime as well due to their high sugar content which can cause you to put on weight whilst sleeping! Her diet is one with variety but it definitely works for her.

Step 2: Jessica Simpson’s Workout Routine

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Her workout routine in addition to her weight loss journey Jessica does not believe in intense exercising every single day because your body needs time off too-so three times per week is what Jessica recommends instead so there are 48 hours between each session allowing your muscles enough time to recuperate ready for the next exercise session ahead.

She likes doing cardio exercises though such as swimming or pilates however when jogging Jessica says that she gets too uncomfortably hot and sweaty so Jessica will instead opt for a treadmill or an elliptical whilst listening to music on her headphones which keeps Jessica from getting bored of the exercise routine. She has been known to have several nannies around when exercising however Jessica does not hire them just for this purpose alone but also because they are there to help with their children as well. Jessica Simpson’s weight loss journey shows us all that it IS possible!

Step 3: Jessica Simpson Walked 14,000 Steps Daily to Lose Weight

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She walked 14,000 steps daily to lose weight Jessica Simpson’s exercise routine in addition to her diet Jessica walked 14,000 steps daily which is about six miles-that means Jessica was walking for over two hours every day.

At first, Jessica had a personal trainer who took Jessica out jogging however it became too much of an issue when Jessica went shopping with friends because she couldn’t just tell her trainer that she was tired and wanted to go home Jessica felt like it made Jessica look weak. She decided jogging wasn’t for her however Jessica is still very active throughout the day.

Step 4: Jessica Took at Least 7 Hours of Sleep

 She took at least 7 hours of sleep and Jessica says that Jessica feels her best after she has had a good sleep! Jessica is someone who likes taking naps in the afternoon when Jessica’s children are at school. Jessica also eats dinner early and goes to bed earlier compared to other celebrities too which helps Jessica get enough rest for Jessica’s busy schedule ahead.

Good sleep in weight loss is important because when Jessica sleeps Jessica’s body has the chance to recover from Jessica’s day ahead.

A good night’s sleep is important for Jessica because Jessica believes that the lack of a good nights’ sleep causes Jessica to gain weight-so Jessica tries her best not to miss out on it!

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss Before and After Photos

Jessica Simson Before & After Weight Loss
Jessica Simson Before & After Weight Loss
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Jessica Simpson Weight Loss Journey Jessica Simpson’s weight loss journey is not a secret. You can see Jessica on the cover of magazines and in her show, “The Price of Beauty,” talking about how she has lost more than 50 pounds and counting. She talks to people all around the world who struggle with their weight and gives advice that works for her. She wants you to know that it IS possible!

Jessica also shares what helped her lose weight: eating more vegetables, drinking water, getting plenty of sleep, making time for fitness (like taking walks), and enjoying her favorite foods in moderation.

Jessica Simpson Is an Inspiration for All Women

Jessica Simson After Weight Loss

She wants to inspire people everywhere to take control of their lives and be healthy. Jessica’s weight loss journey is not easy, but it IS possible! Jessica started her own website dedicated to helping women live fit and fabulous by providing lots of useful information about fitness, style, food choices, motivation…and she even has special sections for moms!

She also wrote a book called “The Dessert Diet” in which she shares all the recipes that helped her lose 50 pounds (like chocolate-covered strawberries). She wants you to know that when you make smart choices you CAN find balance with your diet AND still enjoy every day—even if sometimes means having dessert before dinner or sharing an ice cream cone with friends at the beach.

Jessica Simpson Weight Before and After Her Weight Loss Journey

Before Jessica was 240 pounds at one point in time. She would eventually work back towards a healthier lifestyle by eating better foods with fewer calories which caused a decrease of 140lbs to what we see today-a more toned figure!

Jessica Simpson now

Jessica has said that Jessica feels healthier than ever. She also says that Jessica is more confident, less afraid to fail, and more willing to take risks. Jessica’s healthy lifestyle has inspired others too such as Lady Gaga. Jessica helped Lady Gaga lose 50lbs of baby weight with the same diet plan!

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss Journey FAQs 

What did Jessica Simpson eat to lose weight?

Jessica eats lots of fruit and vegetables, less meat, smaller portions throughout the day. She believes it helped her to lose weight! Jessica also says that she avoids carbs before bedtime as well due to their high sugar content.

How many calories did Jessica Simpson eat to lose weight?

Jessica eats about 1400-1500 calories in Jessica’s diet. Jessica says that she doesn’t have a crazy calorie limit during the day. She has now tried to go for healthier options.

How long did it take Jessica Simpson to lose 100 lbs?

It took 6 months for Jessica Simpson to lose 100 lbs.

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