Jaw Pain On One Side Of Your Mouth: 6 Causes, Relief Tips

The sudden jaw pain on one side of your mouth could be alarming. It’s usually in conjunction with jaw and ear discomfort on one side as well as jaw pain and swelling on the other side and so on. It is easy to think it’s nothing to worry about however, it’s. It is often the result of various dental issues, such as dental abscesses or a cavity. You could be grinding your teeth in the in the night; you never know.

There are a variety of possibilities that you may suffer from jaw discomfort in one area. In this article, we will give you extensive discussion that will help you are aware of the serious issue and be able to deal with it effectively.

When Should You Be Concerned About Jaw Pain On One Side Of Your Mouth?

Jaw Pain On One Side Of Your Mouth

Usually, jaw pain on the other facet of the mouth isn’t an immediate cause of anxiety. It may occur and disappear. In some instances there may be serious health problems that are related to it. Everyone can feel jaw discomfort on one side however it is more common with women.

If you’re experiencing heart attacks jaw discomfort on one side could be among the first signs. In this instance you may experience additional symptoms in addition to that. These include intense tension or discomfort in your chest that appears with and then goes away, sensation of tightness in your chest that may spread to your neck, jaw back, stomach, heartburn, indigestion nausea, breathlessness, nausea, stomach pain extreme fatigue, a extreme cold, and so on.

The symptoms may suddenly manifest and then fade slowly for a few hours or days. If jaw pain is on one part of your mouth is associated along with other signs it is important to seek urgent treatment or seek medical attention.

What are the symptoms associated With Jaw Pain on one side?

There are many signs of jaw discomfort on one side, one of them being

  • Teeth sensitivities
  • A burning sensation that fills the entire mouth
  • The constant clicking, popping, and grinding sounds
  • Clenching of teeth, grinding or grinding
  • There may be a problem chewing, and also when you wish to expand your mouth
  • A burning sensation that you feel in your mouth
  • Fever
  • Vertigo
  • Toothache
  • Facial swelling
  • Acute pain in your face and jaw
  • Earaches

Are you suffering from any of these symptoms that are accompanied by jaw discomfort in one or both sides? Medical attention is required immediately.

What Are the Causes of Jaw Pain On One Side Of Your Mouth?

Jaw Pain

There are a variety of reasons for jaw discomfort on the other side. We will look at the most important causes. They include:

Dental Problems

If you experience pain on the jaw on one side typically, it is because of various oral or dental health issues. The most common dental issues that cause pain on one jaw are tooth decay, the growth of wisdom teeth tooth decay teeth, tooth grinding gums that are painful and bleed or sore bad breath, frequently dry mouth, for example.

Furthermore, if you notice swelling on your face, and you experience extreme pain on one face side as well as teeth, it may be a sign of an abscess. In this scenario, it’s your obligation to contact your dentist as soon as possible or your medical professional. They can assist you in person.


A more serious reason for jaw discomfort on one side is sinusitis or any inflammation within the nasal sinus. The most common cause of sinusitis is allergies and colds. The condition is typically related to inflammation in these cavities which are located between your cheeks. This can result in pain on the jaw on one side but there could be discomfort on both sides too.

Additionally, if you suffer from sinusitis, you’ll suffer from nasal congestion, green or yellow mucus as well as pain on your face, tiredness and pressure. If you experience these symptoms for an extended period of the course of a few weeks, it is recommended to consult a dentist right away.


Osteomyelitis is a very rare, but severe form of disease where bacteria infiltrate your bone , causing an infection.

Furthermore, your jawbone may also be infected following dental procedures. This infection can spread large amount and eventually lead to loss of bone. One of the most prominent symptoms of this condition is severe pain on the jaw on one side. It is important to seek medical guidance if you have this condition.

Cysts and Tumors

One of the most common causes of jaw discomfort that is on the other side can be attributed to a cyst or tumor. Cysts and tumors are large lumps of tissue that have fluid. While it’s not a typical occurrence to develop an oral cyst but it’s possible for it to occur occasionally. Certain cysts can become cancerous and others can affect the oral health of your patients by destroying the different bones and tissues of your mouth.

If you spot any signs of a tumor or white or reddish patch that resembles the appearance of a lump, cyst or extra growth, or sores that appear to be bleeding or swelling of your face or jaw It is important to immediately call your dentist to get assessed.

TMJ Disorders

A joint is a link between your jaw and your skull and when you are suffering with Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues this area of your mouth is affected. A disc is a barrier between the bones in the joint, which makes it move smoothly. If you have a problem with alignment in this disc or in the joint is damaged, you’ll be afflicted with pain and other symptoms across both sides of your jaw.

The various signs of TMJ problems that can include one-sided jaw pain include discomfort around your jaw and ear, pain as well as a pain, popping or clicking sounds inside your mouth. There are many factors that contribute to TMJ issues, so determining the cause of the problem is not always straightforward. The most frequent issues that contribute to TMJ problems are arthritis injury to tissues, grinding injuries and jaw infections and damage to your cartilage, etc.

If you are experiencing TMJ disorders You should speak to your dentist or physician to determine the root causes of the disorder.

Trigeminal Neuralgia

It is a condition that has been present for a long time with an abnormal tension on your trigeminal nervous system. It is characterized by pain on the opposite side of your jaw. The pressure can be so harmful that it could stop the nerves in your jaw from working correctly, which can cause intense pain.

Furthermore, if there is an injury or a defect within your brain area, this may trigger this type of condition.

Trigeminal neuralgia can be described as the second most prevalent condition that affects women and people over 50. The most prominent symptom of this condition is pain that is intense on the jaw on one side. It is a medical emergency that requires immediate care.

How Can You Get Relieved From the Jaw Pain On One Side Of Your Mouth?

Jaw Pain On One Side Of My Mouth

Cold Compress

A cold compress can be a very effective method to reduce the pain on the one jaw side. It is one of the best methods to relieve pain on the jaw on one side when you’re suffering from swelling.

Try Massaging

If you experience an intense pain in your jaw you should begin massaging. An experienced healthcare professional, such as physical therapists or massage therapist could use the therapeutic power of massage to ease the tension and pain on the jaw’s one side. jaw. It can also assist in getting relief from TMJ problems.

Give Rest to Your Jaw

If you’re experiencing discomfort on the jaw on one side It is recommended to give a relaxation to it. Avoid eating something that requires a lot of chewing. Instead, choose simple food items.

Take Nonprescription Pain Reliever

Utilize over-the-counter pain remedies such as Ibuprofen and acetaminophen as well as other pain medication that could aid in relieving the pain in the jaw’s side temporarily. Be sure to ensure that you’re complying with the dosage guidelines provided on the label. If the dose recommended by the manufacturer does not adhere you could suffer from adverse reactions.

Heat Compress

The application of heat is among the most effective ways to ease stiffness and muscle aches. Therefore, if you experience discomfort on the jaw on one side then you must apply heat to that region to ease the pain.

Jaw Pain On One Side Of Your Mouth – When Should You Go to a Doctor?

While jaw pain on one area is usually not a serious issue however, it could cause serious injury if some symptoms occur with it.

Here are some signs that suggest you require the advice of a qualified expert:

  • There are serious issues with eating drinking, swallowing, etc.
  • It is acute that it is difficult to speak or open your mouth.
  • There is a swelling and fever that’s not disappearing.

Wrap Up

In this article, you will have an idea of the possibilities of experiencing pain on the jaw’s side and the signs of it and the best way to cure yourself, and so on. If you are experiencing this kind of pain again ensure that you are doing the right thing.

Last but not least is to make sure you are taking all the necessary precautions to maintain your dental health to avoid discomfort on the other side of your jaw.

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