Is He My Platonic Soulmate for Real? How Would You Know?

The term soulmate refers to a romantic relationship in our society as we all know. A soulmate is simply someone with whom you share a deep connection and who makes you feel complete. Many times people view their soulmates as the person they actually marry and have kids with. Plato and soulmates are two different temers, Plato means that love is a desire for beauty, and soulmates are like made for each other.

As the matter of fact, you may have several platonic soulmates throughout your whole life. Of course, platonic does mean the absence of romance, right? However, there are plenty of feelings of validation that you would find in a romantic relationship, including love, safety, and security. Moreover, your platonic soulmate friend and you connect with the same energy, purpose, and attention too.

Let’s dive in…

What a platonic soulmate is not?

Before we define the term platonic soulmate it is necessary that we understand what a platonic soulmate isn’t. I know it can be confusing sometimes, especially between the opposite sex, to know if the relationship is a platonic soulmate, a romantic partner or a friend with a mutual interest in attention. Still, none of you want to be romantic partners. 

Here are some persons that cannot be your platonic soulmate.

  • The friend with benefits
  • A person with whom you have friends zoned
  • A rebound partner
  • A crush (sadly)

The foundation of a platonic relationship is that you do have boundaries and do not want to pursue any intimacy.

What is a platonic soulmate?

A soulmate is a person with whom you have a strong connection. It can be for a short period or can be for a lifetime. It doesn’t really matter.

Unlike the soulmate, having a platonic soulmate is a feeling of deep connection and understanding without any romance. Platonic soulmates offer each other a soul connection and sometimes that goes beyond the feeling of friendship and relationship. 

It almost feels like you’ve been missing a piece of your soul. And when you meet your platonic soulmate you feel complete. 

10 Platonic soulmate signs

Let’s see who is your platonic soulmate. It could be your friend or someone close to your heart..

1. Distance would never be the issue

The distance would make no change in your relationship. It doesn’t matter with your platonic soulmate. Your connection is too strong for anything to happen between you. 

2. They never question your loyalty

You might have heard some people talk about you behind your back or have people not understand something you go through. But no matter what happens. you know your platonic soulmate has your back. They would never talk wrong about you and always believe in you.

3. You always make time for each other

No matter how busy you are, you will always find a way to spend time together. Time is a precious gift that you can give to someone. That makes a platonic soulmate a special relationship.

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4. You often get compliments from the people

People around you ask why you are not dating yet. And such questions. It’s a very natural assumption to make for your family and friend. Because you two are so emotionally connected to each other.

5. You know everything about each other

Does it happen to you?  He wants to say something and you understand it before they even utter a word. That’s what platonic soulmates do. This happens naturally.

6. Never feel alone

If you have your platonic soulmate with you, you would never feel alone in your life. There is zero chance of getting bored.

7. You always have something to talk about

In a distance relationship, you always find a reason to talk. Every single thing they want to share with you too. About the school, the college, and the family. 

8. You would have the same taste in food

Apparently, you would have the same taste in the food category. If you decide to go out for a meal you don’t have to ask the other person because you already know what to order.

9. You’re always supportive of each other

You are each other’s number-one cheerleader everywhere in life. Whether it is a marathon or a fight at school you always support each other.

10. You never feel judged

Everyone is different and they have different opinions on a particular thing. But you would never feel judged by your platonic soulmate cuz you both have a deep understanding and respect for the opinions that you have. 

platonic soulmate



I hope you will be able to understand the platonic soulmate. It is not necessarily important to have a platonic soulmate. It could also convert or transform into a real-life soulmate sometimes. This will depend on the circumstances that you have. Always follow your feelings and your guts. If you develop a feeling for your platonic soulmates then share it with them. It is really important to share your feeling so that they can understand how you think about them.

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