Hyperspermia: Is It Too Much Cum? [The Youngsters Guide]

According to research, hyperspermia is a very rare disease and much less common than hypospermia. One study in India have also found that 4% of men have a high sperm volume compared to a normal person.

You don’t have to worry about this problem because this doesn’t negatively affect your health. However, it could reduce the men’s fertility. 

I am sure.. You must be wondering what could be the reason behind producing a large amount of fluid during ejaculation then normal. And some more common questions like above, Right? So all the questions that you have will be answered. Don’t miss reading anything till the end..

As the name itself says hyper+spermia means the larger amount of sperm or lots of cum (including the fluid along with it and together it is called semen). So that means the man ejaculates more semen during sex or orgasm compare to an average man. 

As I have mentioned this is not a very serious disease but could lower the chances of fertility. Moreover, there is a little risk that your partner might miscarry. 

Generally, this condition is having a semen volume of more than 6.3 ml. On the other hand some researchers put it in a range of 6 ml to 6.5 ml or maybe higher.

This condition of a man is exactly the opposite of hypospermia where the man produces less semen. The semen contains sperm and some fluid from the prostate gland. This condition is also known as super sperm.

Sometimes the men who have hyperspermia face more difficulties getting their partners pregnant. In addition, some says men with this condition have very high sex drive then the men without the condition. The effects could be positive or negative depending on the person’s health.

Is Hyperspermia a Problem?

Well, hyperspermia is a relatively uncommon and very rare condition if we compare this with other issues that affect the sperm. It doesn’t cause any physical changes and also it doesn’t affect health conditions. But it could reduce the fertility of the person.

If you are worried about your sperm production then it is recommended to see a doctor for testing. However, people don’t take it as a big serious problem most of the time. Some people also believe that it is the symbol of manhood. Furthermore, there isn’t any major complication that has been caused by this condition till now.

Can Hyperspermia Be Treated?

The answer is Yesss.. If you are worried about hyperspermia, and looking forward to getting rid of this. Then let me tell you, there isn’t any requirement for the treatment unless it is causing fertility issues and the impact of the ability to get your partner pregnant.

The infertility expert would suggest a medication to increase your sperm count. The possibility of decreasing fertility is very low however you can see a doctor or any fertility expert. You can also take some good advice to solve your problem with some home remedies as well. You can also try some sperm retrieval techniques that you can use to increase your sperm count.

What are The Symptoms?

As we have already discussed previously, hypersomnia is a very rare condition in which the amount of semen released by a man is more than the average person.

Below are the symptoms that you must be aware of.

1: Delayed Ejaculation

Some may feel a little delay in the ejaculation time period.

2: Light Pain During Ejaculation

You may feel the pain in the top part of your penis after or during the ejaculation.

3: Sometimes Fatigue or Weaknesses During Post Intercourse

It could also lead to fatigue after the intercourse. And that could make your partner’s mood off..

4: You May Feel Dizziness After the Sex

Now that sounds funny, but it is possible to feel dizziness as well.

5: Very High Sexual Drive

Some people believe that hyperspermia can lead you to the high sexual drive and makes you more horny.

6: The Stretching on Your Penis

Well this is very common. If you are feeling pain by the stretching then this could be the symptom.

7: Too Much Cum of Yellow Color(Very Rare)

During the time of ejaculation the color of semen is pale yellow.

If you have one of these symptoms of hyperspermia, consult a good doctor as soon as possible.

Does It Affect Your Fertility?


Source: medimetry.com

It could affect the men’s fertility, however it doesn’t always. The Study has shown that some men who have a very high semen volume have less sperm in a fluid that the ejaculates compared to a common man. Hence, the fluid becomes more dilute. Having a less sperm count decreases the chances of your partner to get pregnant. And at the end of the day you won’t be able to fertilize one of your partner’s eggs.

Are There Any Other Complications?

As we know, it is a very rare condition that generally does not affect a person’s health. Such processes as IVF (In vitro fertilization) would help if this condition leads you to any fertility problems. In short, you can take a deep breath and relax, because hyperspermia generally causes no problems or any other complications at all. 

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What Are the Causes That I Must Be Aware Of?

There isn’t any exact cause of an abnormal level of too much cum. The following reasons could be the cause of the hyperspermia.

1: Usage of Certain Medication

As we know every medicine has its side effects and this could also lead to hyperspermia as well.

2: The Gap Between Sexual Activity

If you haven’t had sex or mastrubate for a longer period of time then you may have ejaculate a large amount of semen or excessive cum. 

3: Infection in Your Prostate Gland

If you feel pain in your prostate gland during the ejaculation or after the ejaculation then you should see a doctor.

4: Usage of Pills to Boost Your Sexual Performance

You should not use these pills as this could lead you to a major problem in your health and sex life too.

5: the Uses of Steroids

There’s always a limit of taking steroids, if you are taking it in a large amount then this could become the major cause of hyperspermia.

6: Having a High Protein, Rich Food and Fibers

If you are taking too much whey protein for the gym then you may ejaculate excessive cum.

How to Deal with Hyperspermia?


Source: cloudfront.net

First of all you have to calm yourself and try avoiding all the causes that I have mentioned about. Always avoid long gaps between the sexual intercourses. Say NO to steroids, protein and fiber rich diets. I am sure if you avoid these things, you will have no problems with your volume of the super sperm.

When to See a Doctor?


Source: patientpop.com

Now as we know that it’s an uncommon situation that can be handled. It is okay if you are ejaculating lots of cum. However, you should not have any symptoms like feeling dizziness, having pain after the sex, weaknesses and so on. Also if you are finding troubles in getting your love pregnant then you should see a doctor or visit your nearest IVF center.

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