6 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Kidney | Easy to Understand

If you have been infected during the Kovid epidemic, you need to take extra care of your kidneys. in this situation it becomes really important for you to understand how to take care of your kidney. According to a recent report published by Hon Hopkins, about 30 percent of people who arrive at a hospital with an infection have kidney damage. In fact, kidney cells contain receptors that help the virus to attach to them, attack them, and replicate the virus.

When a person becomes infected, the virus damages these tissues, in addition to causing the immune system to fight off the infection. The reaction also damages the kidneys, called cytokines. In addition, our poor daily routine is also a cause of kidney failure. Now we know that the kidney is a very important part of our body, So let’s understand how to take care of your kidney to have a healthy life.

1. Quit Smoking Cigarettes and Pot

Smoking may damage blood vessels. This reduces blood flow through the kidneys. If the kidneys aren’t receiving a sufficient supply of blood they are unable to perform at their best. Smoking can increase the risk of having high blood pressure, as well as the possibility of developing kidney cancer.

When you smoke you put your kidneys at risk of being at the chance of developing cancer. If you quit smoking, your risk of developing cancer will decrease. It will require several years for Trusted Source in order to reach the level of risk for those who have never smoked.

2. Daily Workout( Exercise) or Yoga

Daily Workout to Take Care of Your Kidney

A daily workout can improve more than your waistline. It could lower the risks of long-term kidney diseases. It also helps lower the risk of high blood pressure and improve the health of your heart, both of which are crucial to prevent damage to your kidneys.

Be aware of the amount of exercise you’re doing, particularly in the absence of a conditioning program. ” Overexerting yourself even when you’re not in great health can result in serious issues, particularly those who are at an increased risk of developing heart disease.

It’s not necessary to run marathons for the benefits of exercising. Dancing, Cycling, Morning jog and even jump rope can benefit your overall health. Find a sport that is fun and keeps you active and enjoyable. It’s much easier to keep it up and see great results.

3. Eat Healthy Foods to Take Care of Your Kidney

eat healthy food to take care of your kidney

If you want to understand how to take care of your kidney then first you will have to understand the importance of healthy food habit. The people who have excess weight or are overweight are at risk of several health conditions that could harm kidneys. This includes diabetes, kidney disease, and heart disease.

Good eating habits for controlling blood pressure and weight. The prevention of high blood pressure and diabetes can help maintain kidney health.

Make sure you eat fresh foods that naturally low in sodium, like blueberries, cauliflower as well as fish, whole grains etc.

4. Drink plenty of Water or Eat Juicy Fruits

Drink lot of water eat healthy food to take care of your kidney

The most frequent reason behind the development of kidney issues is the lack of water.

Water helps flush out toxic substances from your body from time to time.consistent drinking water is good for kidneys. You should aim for 1.5 or 2 liters the course of a day. It’s that simple. how much water you’ll need is largely dependent on your overall health and lifestyle. 

But if you have a kidney condition, your physician may recommend a lower consumption of water. Be sure to follow the advice of your doctor.

5. Keep Monitor Blood Pressure 

Make sure to check your blood pressure regularly. High blood pressure can increase the chance of developing kidney disease. When your blood pressure appears excessive then it is recommended to seek out a physician for the right medication and treatment to manage it. To take care of your kidney make sure you don’t skip this step. 

6. If You’re at High Risk Take Regular Screenings for Kidney Function.

If you suffer from diabetes high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease, then you must be screened to look for kidney problems to be part of your routine care for those ailments.

A frequent renal function check is an excellent method to assess the health of your kidney and look for any possible changes. Being ahead of any potential injury can help to slow or stop future damage.

How to Take Care of the Kidney by Asking 6 Questions and Answers to Yourself

Q. What if you have a seating job? 

A. Exercise is your medicine. 

The kidneys filter blood to remove toxins from the body. Which is excreted through urine. Prolonged sitting slows blood flow down to 80%, which prevents filtration and increases pressure on the kidneys. 

If you have a seating job, get up and walk every 30 to 45 minutes. Do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise such as running, cycling, go for a morning walk. 

Q. If you drink less water …?

A. Eat more juicy fruits | 

Water acts as fuel for the kidneys. Water interferes with the filtering of the urine drainage tube (ureters) found in the kidneys. This prevents harmful and toxic substances from being excreted in the urine, causing severe damage to the kidneys, and a healthy person needs 8 to 10 glasses of water. If you cannot drink plain water, eat more juicy fruits like watermelon, orange, grape, etc. Drink water while taking breaks during work,

Q. What if we take salt in food from above ..?

A.  Stop eating packaged food. 

Salt affects the kidneys in two ways. It raises blood pressure. As the BP rises, the heart pumps blood faster, which increases the pressure on the kidneys. As well salt retains water in the body. Due to this toxins also stay in the body for a long time. Don’t take extra salt. packaged Eat less 

Q. Signs of kidney damage?

 A. loss of appetite and bloating 

, loss of appetite, early fatigue, decreased urination, especially around the eyes in the morning, swelling of the ankles/feet, hypertension at an early age may be due to kidney failure, 

Q. What to eat and Why?

A. This superfood apple, grape, citrus fruit for good kidney

lowers cholesterol. 

Garlic: Has anti-inflammatory properties. Lowers cholesterol. Prevents blood from clotting. 

Onions: Vitamin C, Magnesium, and other elements are found which are beneficial for the kidneys.

Q, What to look out for if you are taking painkillers?

A. drink more water if you need to take medicine. 

Continued use of painkillers damages the small blood vessels that filter the kidneys. Kidney filtering ability – Decreases, a person may have many problems including kidney stones, if you have to take medicine, keep the amount of water high. 

Drink more juices and liquids, except that taking such alternative medicines on the advice of a doctor will not harm the kidneys.

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