Why Baby Weighing? Different Ways to Weigh a Baby!

In today’s world, there are a lot of parents worrying about their newborn babies’ health. And when it comes to health, being overweight could lead to some major health issues. Hence baby weighing is important to know whether they are growing as they should be or not. The doctor can weigh them at each appointment, it is also easier to weigh your baby at home. 

Babies weighed easily at home with a bathroom scale, kitchen scale, or specialty scale. The kitchen and specialty scales treated before taking the weight of your baby. For bathroom scales, you must weigh yourself first and then subtract that amount of your weight from your overall weight. Some scale would measure down to the ounce, however, many will round to the nearest pound.

Keep on reading to learn How to weigh baby at home and to understand the different reasons and precautions while weighing your baby.

How to weigh a baby at home?

Just after birth, babies weighed to determine their birth weight. Moreover, their initial weight gain monitored through the few weeks of birth. 

The habit of knowing that your baby is growing can lead to some anxiety. Some parents may desire to weigh their babies at home to fear off all the anxieties from the doctor’s appointment and to save money sometimes. 

Weighing baby at home can be difficult sometimes. There are many methods by which you can weigh a baby easily at home. You can use the bathroom scale, and a kitchen scale. 

You can also purchase the special scale made for baby weight only. However, some methods are undoubtedly more effective than others that we will see.

How to do baby weighing on a kitchen scale

If you have a kitchen scale, then you already have an excellent source for keeping an eye on your baby’s weight at home. If you don’t have one then you should consider buying one. After all, having a kitchen scale is the best thing for all the mums who are in the kitchen all the time. 

Some scales are for up to 13 pounds and measure down to the ounce, and it is also available at affordable prices. It comes with a handy container that would work best for holding your baby.

For using the kitchen scale at home, you must place a large bowl on the scale and wrap a light sheet over the surface. Once it is placed, you will need to press the button on the zero scale. Then, carefully place your newborn on the surface and make sure that they are still weighing.

The plus side of using the kitchen scale to weigh your baby is that these kitchen scales are extremely accurate down to ounces. However, there is one disadvantage kitchen scales are not designed to weigh your baby and that is why you may have some safety concerns while weighing your baby on the kitchen scale. 

Since these kitchen scales are meant with the food, they also usually have a relatively low weight limit and the base of the scale may not be larger sometimes. So it would be difficult to weigh baby.

How to do baby weighing on a bathroom scale

Weighting your baby on a bathroom scale would be the best and most popular way that one can find. I know you have also done this more than once with each of your children and while you did get an idea of how much they weigh, right? 

On the bathroom scale, you should first weigh yourself and then once you have your weight, you can weigh again by holding the baby. Subtract your original weight from this weight with the baby and you’ll have the baby’s weight. Isn’t that a smart way?

The great aspect of using bathroom scales for weight for your baby is that they are low in price and last a long time.

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How to do baby weighing on a special scale

There are tons of options for baby scales that I considered both accurate and safe. If you have visited a pediatrician, then you must have seen these scales before. 

They are specially designed to measure the weight of a baby and they are also shaped in such a way that you can simply lie the baby down to the scale easily. That means it is much safer and simple to make your baby calm and still. You can even weigh baby while they are asleep.

I wouldn’t think that it is necessary to purchase one of these scales especially when you are having it for one baby. However, they are surprisingly very affordable and some of them have different modes. These are designed to measure the growth into later childhood ages as well. They can also be used to weigh your pets.

Baby weighing

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It is extremely important to keep a measurement of the weight of your baby. And there are some different ways to measure weight. Now You can answer, how can I weigh my baby at home to your friends? Baby weighing is very important to know your baby’s health. You can see a doctor if your baby’s weight is less than average. 

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