3 Types of Men Have Affairs

It’s widely assumed that 3 types of men have affairs. 

Did you know that certain personality types are more likely than others to cheat on their partners in a relationship?

That is correct, and guys are no different.

We’ll look at the three types of men who have romances and how to recognise them in the following sections.

Let’s get started.

3 Types Of Men Have Affairs

Which are the three types of men who have affairs? More precisely, if given the opportunity, would all males cheat?

According to a General Social Survey and research of demographics of infidelity in the United States, married males are more likely to cheat than married women. But the difference isn’t as large as you might think: Extramarital affairs reported by 20% of men and 13% of women.

Even if some men lied and did not admit to unfaithfulness in the aforementioned poll, this does not imply that all men cheat.

In truth, there are only 3 types of men have affairs who have affairs: men who feel rejected and frightened of leaving their wives, narcissists, and immature men who want it both ways.

1. Mr. Frustrated Guy

Many men betray because they are unhappy in their relationships.

Have you ever observed that your date’s needs never met?

There are two sorts of relationship frustration that drive guys to have an affair.

The first is the connection in which they feel unloved.

It could be a sexless relationship. Perhaps it’s one in which he believes his efforts go unnoticed.

In any case, the perceived absence of emotional connection makes him more vulnerable to the allure of another woman.

Whatever the reason, the man you’re dating is unhappy.

All he wants is your attention and reinforcement that things are going well in the relationship.

And if he can’t get it from you, he’ll look for it somewhere else.

He begins to hunt for other ladies or men who can satisfy his sexual desires or simply have fun with him.

To escape from these feelings, a married guy may engage in an affair.

While there is no justification for an extramarital affair, married women should be aware that any condition can lead to an unhappy relationship.

A married man and woman must strike a balance between closeness and distance in order to prosper in a long-term relationship.

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2. Opportunist Cheater

Not surprisingly, some men are naturally motivated to flirt whenever they have the opportunity.

They are not necessarily unhappy in their relationships and are not dissatisfied.

However, guess what?

They are still having affairs.


They are opportunist chapters.

An opportunist cheater is a man who does not even have to dissatisfied about something to want to cheat on their relationship.

In a nutshell, narcissists are persons who are so self-centered that they entirely dismiss the importance of others. This isn’t to say they’re oblivious to other people’s needs and feelings.

A person with narcissistic personality disorder believes he is entitled to adoration and attention.

Manipulation and causing harm to others come naturally to him. He doesn’t consider the consequences of his actions on other people since other people aren’t significant to him.

They don’t feel compelled to cheat. They do it just because they can.

So, if you suspect your partner is an opportunist cheater, you should certainly brace yourself for some infidelity at some point.

There are some cheating instances that the opportunist may find difficult to resist:

Getting a woman’s attention (for example, a coworker or a stranger in a bar), feeling complimented, and having his ego boosted.

Someone making overt sexual advances and directly offering him sex with no ties attached.

Going out drinking and sleeping with someone for a single night.

Symptoms of an opportunist cheat

  • It may be more difficult to detect the opportunist cheat because he frequently hides in plain sight. He is, by definition, an ordinary man who will play away in the right circumstances.
  • There are warning indicators, though, and they mostly revolve on him putting himself in situations where he has more opportunities to be unfaithful.

3. The Horny Cheater

Now let’s move on to the third type of man, also known as “horny cheaters.”

The horny guy is practically a standard gamer.

This type of individual resembles the opportunistic type.

They have no love feelings for the women with whom they sleep.

But, unlike the opportunists, they care a lot about sex.

They aren’t looking for long-term partnerships, but they do have a strong need for sex. And this urge does not go away simply because they are in a relationship or have sex with their partners on a regular basis.

The horny guy’s main motivation is strong attraction and finding someone else hot, rather than any more nuanced emotional reasoning.

For the horny guy, adultery is a reaction to boredom rather than any specific problem in a relationship. Cheating is a way for this sort of man to satisfy his demand for diversity.

Symptoms of a horny cheater

  • When you first met, you were afraid he was a fuckboy, but you thought he’d change his ways when he fell for you.
  • Typically, the horny cheat has a history of lothario behaviour and a string of broken hearts.
  • People can change, but statistics show that between 22% and 55% of individuals who have cheated in the past will do so again.
  • According to one online poll, 60% of males have been unfaithful more than once.
  • If you know he’s cheated on you or others in the past, it increases the likelihood of him cheating again in the future.
  • The horny guy is a talented flirt who can charm the pants off you (quite literally), but his silky words frequently followed by action.

Warning signs of dishonesty

Nevertheless, there are a number of widely acknowledged warning indicators that a man is cheating:

  • In your relationship, communication has broken down.
  • He alters his appearance, exerts more effort, and begins to dress better.
  • He begins to spend more time away from home on new hobbies, other activities, and late-night work.
  • You detect a shift in his demeanor; he may become more tense, argumentative, furious, anxious, or critical.
  • He begins to lie, conceal information from you, or avoid you.
  • He is distant or uninterested in you and the relationship.
  • Your sexual life has drastically changed and is now nearly nonexistent.
  • You diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection despite your chastity.
  • Using technology, he becomes increasingly secretive or suspicious, making private phone calls, attempting to conceal texts or social media, and cleaning his browser history.
  • You uncover financial transactions and expenditures that make no sense to you.
  • You have an intuitive sense that something is occurring.

3 Types of Men Have Affairs

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Knowing that these 3 types of men have affairs more easily than others might be a useful tool when looking for “the one.” Choosing any of these options will almost certainly result in heartbreak.

After reading this article, you should have a better understanding of why some men cheat on their spouses and how to detect if your partner is one of them.

Cheating on someone else is never acceptable, regardless of the type of cheater your man is.

Stop attempting to justify their actions and understand that the personality type isn’t that relevant when it comes to cheating – three of this kind will do the same in the future and wreck your life!

So, speak up for yourself, talk to your partner about your sexual needs, and if they don’t listen, it might be time to split up with them and focus on yourself.

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